Tom Rosman to Serve on Editorial Board of Frontiers in Psychology

Dr. Tom Rosman, Head of "Research Literacy and User-Friendly Research Support" at ZPID, has become Associate Editor at one of the biggest sections of the peer-reviewed journal "Frontiers in Psychology".

Dr. Rosman will serve in the Educational Psychology section. Frontiers  Associate Editors handle the peer review process and have the power to accept manuscripts or recommend their rejection. They are high-impact researchers and recognized leaders in their field, with a strong publication record in international, peer reviewed journals and with a recognized affiliation. 

"What I like most about my new role is the fact that Frontiers draws on an Open Access model and strives to make science more open and transparent - just like ZPID", says Dr. Rosman, whose current research focuses on epistemic beliefs, psychological processes involved in dealing with conflicting information, teacher education, and open science research.

Frontiers is a leading open access publisher and open science platform whose mission is to make science open to accelerate innovation, health and prosperity for all.