Our products and services for your scientific work

Our services are aimed at scientists active in research or teaching in psychology, including junior scientists. In addition, our services are directed to practitioners, students of psychology and related disciplines, as well as the interested public (including the media and politics). Our international services are oriented towards an ideal research cycle that encompasses a total of seven related phases. They are intended to cover needs of users that usually exist in these different phases.

Information search


A freely accessible search tool with more than 2.1 million references to psychological literature, tests, intervention programs and research data.

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A reference database for psychological literature from German-speaking countries.

A direct PSYNDEX access point for finding intervention studies and materials.

A database with comprehensive information on more than 8.500 psychological and educational measurement instruments from German-speaking countries.

Open Test Archive

An archive with more than 220 psychological tests in open access with free download.


A tool for exploring psychological research topics and trends.

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A platform with information on more than 1,100 researchers with a background in German-speaking psychology.


An information service for short plain-language summaries of psychological metaanalyses.

Study planning, data collection & analysis


A submission platform for preregistrations that also provides information and support materials on the process.

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A platform that offers statistical software such as R Studio and JupyterLab in an online environment. It is a tool to promote open science, in particular transparent and reproducible analyses, with a focus on teaching and collaboration.

Archiving & Publication


A discipline-specific repository for psychology that supports the archiving of a total of 20 different digital research object types, ranging from preprints and datasets to videos and code.

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A research data center accredited by the German Data Forum (RatSWD), which supports researchers in psychology and related disciplines in the quality-assured curation of research data and offers various access routes for the scientific use of these data corpora.

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An assistance system to help researchers implement research data management in a professional and quality-assured manner throughout the research cycle.

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An open access publication platform that currently publishes 14 psychology journals according to the Diamond Open Access standard.

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Supports secondary publication of already published works after a statutory embargo period (Green Open Access) - under development.

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A preprint publication platform where scientists can upload their manuscripts which are scheduled for publication - under development.

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A publication platform that enables accessing meta-analytic datasets, reproducing meta-analyses and dynamically updating evidence from new primary studies collaboratively.

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