• Open Science

    ZPID is the Public Open Science Institute for Psychology. All of its services are always accessible to various interest groups.

  • Transparent research

    Our services provide open, transparent, and replicable psychological research. We support the idea of open science.

  • Replicability

    We want to participate in the discussion on replicability, transparency, and integrity in research. Our services will contribute accordingly.

  • Reproducibility

    We promote good scientific practice as well as openness and transparency in psychological research. Hence, we support the objective, reliable, and reproducible acquisition of knowledge.

  • Collaboration

    Our Internet-based services particularly support collaboration - with no constraints of location and time.

  • Knowledge preservation

    Our archiving and publication services help to secure research data and publications in a sustainable manner and make them available free of charge.

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Practices and Tools of Open Science

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The search engine for international psychology publications including PSYNDEX

Search within more than 1 million references of psychological literature, tests, intervention programs, and research data from PSYNDEX and other databases.

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Renowned Social Psychologist is relocating to Trier from Tübingen

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The Leibniz Institute for Psychology (ZPID) now also carries its acronym in its logo

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