Personality Science on PsychOpen GOLD

The new EAPP journal Personality Science will be published by ZPID's PsychOpen GOLD.

Cooperation agreement concluded: The European Association of Personality Psychology (EAPP), founding Editor-in-Chief Prof. John Rauthmann, and ZPID recently signed an agreement to launch the new journal Personality Science (PS) next year.

The journal's vision encompasses three aspects. It aims to be more multidisciplinary in scope than comparable journals (expansion of the field); it will include papers that concern how personality science can inform public interest and applied practice (expansion to the public); and it will seek high-quality publications from authors around the globe (expansion in geography). 

John Rauthmann says about what distinguishes Personality Science from other personality-related journals: "It will be the first full personality journal that is online-only and open access. There will be no fees for authors, ensuring that there are no barriers to those seeking to publish in Personality Science, which especially benefits scholars from underrepresented and low-income countries or institutions."

Authors of accepted papers will be required to make their materials, data, scripts, etc. as widely accessible as possible. "We are happy to assist the European Association of Personality Psychology (EAPP) in establishing a new journal fostering open science practices", says ZPID director Prof. Michael Bosnjak. "Besides journal publishing services, Personality Science will take advantage of the full spectrum offered by ZPID, namely PsychArchives as a repository for digital supplements and preregistration opportunities."  

PsychOpen GOLD, The European Open-Access Publishing Platform for Psychology, is a service by the Leibniz Institute for Psychology Information (ZPID), Trier, Germany. It is free of charge for authors and readers.