2.0: New and Improved Website

After a successful relaunch, the website is now offering an even broader range of information for the interested public, students, and psychologists involved in scientific research and professional practice.

Psychology is the name of the game: The website offers an extensive array of psychology-related information. Topics range from educational information on mental illness and its treatment to psychology in work life as well as resources relating to the academic study of  psychology, databases of psychological literature, research support services, and professional ethical guidelines. Furthermore, as in the past, the two leading professional psychological associations, BDP and DGPs, will also present their ongoing projects.

The interested public will find, for example, research results that are easily understandable by laypersons or information on psychological support services in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Concise information on study programs, internships, and study funding opportunities is provided for both students of psychology and psychotherapy and individuals interested in studying psychology. Psychology practitioners and researchers can access literature databases such as PubPsych and free online publications, research-supporting infrastructures such as PsychLab and PsychArchives, and clinical practice or professional ethical guidelines.

This relaunch of is a joint project of the Federation of German Psychological Associations, that is, the German Society for Psychology (DGPs) and the Professional Association of German Psychologists (BDP), as well as the Leibniz Institute for Psychology (ZPID).

"We are very pleased with this joint project," says Ute Wahner, ZPID employee who coordinated the relaunch. "We would like to further expand the website content for all target groups, and we cordially invite all interested psychologists to participate. Suggestions from the general public and the student population are always welcome as well."

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