Claudiu Petrule, M.Sc.


Wissenschaftl. Mitarbeiter (Big Data in Psychology)


  • Big Data
  • Projekt "PsyChange"


  • Petrule, C.*, Bittermann, A.*, Ritter, V., Haberkamp, A., & Rief, W. (2023, October). Exploring Fragmentation in Emerging Fields of Research. Paper presented at METSTI 2023: Workshop on Informetric, Scientometric and Scientific and Technical Information Research, London, UK. *shared first-authorship.

  • Petrule, C., Bittermann, A., Ritter, V., Haberkamp, A., & Rief, W. (2023, May). The Merits of Screening Automation for Bibliometric Analyses: The Case of Translational Psychotherapy. 4th Symposium on Big Data and Research Syntheses in Psychology, Frankfurt am Main, Germany