ZPID Supports New DGPs Recommendations for "Data Sharing"

The German Psychological Society (DGPs) has revised its recommendations on the management and provision of research data in psychology. Services offered by ZPID will assist in the practical implementation of these recommendations.

The DGPs strongly advocates that "data sharing" in psychological research be made a common standard to improve the scientific quality of research in the discipline.

The executive committee of the DGPs first issued recommendations on the handling of research data in psychology in 2016, and these have recently been re-evaluated and extensively revised by the DGPs' "Open Science/Data Management" commission. The principles and specific methods of data management are explained in more detail to provide researchers with a pragmatic guideline for practical implementation.

The current recommendations have been developed in collaboration with ZPID, which has provided a platform for archiving and sharing research data since 2002 and is accredited as a "Research Data Center" by the German Data Forum (RatSWD).

Roland Ramthun, representing ZPID as a permanent guest in the commission, comments: "A recommendation on data sharing will only be effective in practice if it is technically and organizationally feasible for researchers, in the same way that a technical implementation should be based on the 'best practices' of a discipline. Therefore, I am very pleased about the excellent cooperation with the Commission during this revision, which has allowed the infrastructure perspective to be incorporated directly into the recommendations. ZPID will support the access class model outlined in the recommendations with its PsychArchives service and will be actively investing in project development in the coming years."

The revised recommendations of the DGPs on research data management are now available as a preprint in both German and English versions.