ZPID at "Tag der Psychologie" of BDP

ZPID took part in this year's "Tag der Psychologie" (Day of Psychology) as a cooperation partner. The event is organized by the Association of German Professional Psychologists (BDP).

Katja Singleton during her session. Picture Credit: BDP e.V./Thomas Rosenthal

With this event in Berlin, the BDP introduced the barcamp as a new communicative format. Lectures are not organized in advance, instead, participants suggest ad hoc topics of interest and discuss  them in different sessions. The overarching motto of the day was "Digitalization and Psychology".

Katja Singleton, Deputy Head of Information Services at ZPID - Leibniz Institute for Psychology Information, conducted a session on "Digital services for applied clinical psychology" and invited participants to a lively discussion.

She first briefly introduced some of ZPID's products: 

  • PubPsych, the freely accessible search portal with more than one million references to psychological literature, test procedures, intervention programs and research data, including records from the PSYNDEX and PSYNDEX Tests reference databases
  • the Electronic Test Archive with more than 170 psychometric scales that can be downloaded free of charge
  • PSYNDEX Therapy, which allows a direct search within PSYNDEX clinical therapy studies and materials

"The feedback of the professionals' information needs was of great interest to me," says Singleton. "Free access to publications is a big issue, because practitioners often cannot easily access specialized literature from an institutional library." To be able to restrict one's search to open-access publications was another important idea.

Some would also like a quick overview of ZPID's products that are relevant to those working in practical fields as well as information on current focal points in psychological research. "Supporting the transfer of knowledge into professional practice is one of ZPID's goals. The insights obtained during the Day of Psychology were very helpful in making our offers more suitable to the needs of practitioners," says Singleton.

Information on ZPID's services can be found on our Website at www.leibniz-psychology.org.

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