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We offer various databases and information services for psychology – systematically documented and up to date.

Here, interested users find information on relevant publications and tests (PSYNDEX and PSYNDEX Tests), researchers in the German-speaking psychology community (PsychAuthors), psychology-related information on the Internet (PsychLinker), congresses and conferences, and job vacancies.

The multilingual European database portal PubPsych provides more than one million references to psychological literature, tests, intervention programs, and research data. Via PubPsych, data can be searched directly and free of charge in the databases PSYNDEX, PsychOpen, PsychData, Pascal, ISOC-Psicología, MEDLINE, ERIC, NARCIS, and NORART.

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The PSYNDEX Lit & AV database contains records of all psychological literature and audiovisual media from the German-speaking countries since 1977. The database includes the bibliographic information of more than 300,000 documents in German and English (including also the cited references since 2009), which have been carefully indexed and, in most cases, include abstracts. PSYNDEX Lit & AV is designed to work well together with international databases such as PsycINFO and PubMed.


The PSYNDEX Tests database is characterized by its comprehensive and up-to-date information on psychological and educational tests. The descriptions and standardized evaluation of tests, scales, questionnaires, interview methods, observation techniques, instrumental tests, computer-based diagnostics, and other diagnostic instruments from all sectors of psychology and education are included. Currently, there are approximately 7,500 test descriptions available of which 3,500 are described in greater detail.

Test Archive

The Test Archive is an online archive of psychological tests which can be primarily used for research purposes. They can be downloaded online free of charge. Currently, there are about 200 tests available.


Direct searches for clinical therapy trials and materials can be carried out in PSYNDEX Therapy. Search results include efficacy studies of varying quality levels (randomized, nonrandomized, meta-analyses) as well as treatment manuals, treatment descriptions, and patient guides for many types of therapy and disorders.


PsychAuthors is an online platform for authors which currently reports on the works of more than 1,100 researchers in the German-speaking psychology community. Each listing contains, for example, information on the professional career, the current place of employment as well as a complete list of publications provided by the authors.


PsychLinker is a database-oriented catalog of more than 6,000 annotated and updated links to important international psychological resources on the Internet. The links cover 24 subdisciplines of psychology, comprehensive test information, and 16 cross-thematic categories (e.g., training and further education, ethical guidelines, and research and study funding).

Current news

The current news from the field of psychology is summarized in several categories. The Calendar of Events lists conferences and meetings, and more than 2,000 job opportunities for psychologists are published annually in the Jobs section. The News category reports on the latest news at ZPID. Current psychological studies on widely discussed social developments are reported on in the Hot Topics section.

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