Special Issue "Open Science in Psychology" Out Now

A special issue of the Zeitschrift für Psychologie on open science has been published recently. An associated conference was held at ZPID.

In their Editorial, Frank Renkewitz and Moritz Heene thematize the Replication Crisis and Open Science in psychology and state: "This topical issue does not aim to give an extensive overview of the replication crisis and all the developments that have followed from it. Rather, it is intended to give a snapshot of recent developments by providing sample papers. It also seeks to ask what the open science movement has achieved so far and what lies ahead of us."

The collection of articles begins with an introductory article addressing the current state of the debate in which seven major facets of methodological reforms are outlined. Two contributions explore the progress made and problems encountered in developing and refining methods for detecting publication biases, questionable research practices, and p-hacking.

Two further articles explore the development of the causal replication framework as a design tool for research replication and the results of the first long-term N-pact factor analysis as an indicator of journal quality complete the collection.

The complete issue is available open access online.

Associated with the issue was a conference at ZPID last year. International keynote speakers had participated, including: Simine Vazire, Tom Hardwicke, Richard D. Morey, and Greg Francis.

Their keynote talks are available as videos in ZPID's media center