Special Issue of Psychologische Rundschau on Current Research Topics at ZPID

The aim of this issue is to give an insight into selected research work at ZPID, which has been reorienting itself since mid-2017.

ZPID is committed to the idea of Open Science and, since its reorientation, sees itself as a public open science institute for psychology. As a research-based scientific support organization, it supports the entire scientific work process from gathering ideas and researching literature to documenting research, archiving data and publishing the results, based on an ideal-type research cycle. 

ZPID conducts basic application research in the area of research literacy. At the beginning of this year, ZPID included two new research units, around the topics of research synthesis methods and big data in psychology.

"The contributions combined in the special issue throw some highlights on current research projects at ZPID, which will be further developed in the three infrastructure and research units of the institute", explains Prof. Michael Bosnjak, director of ZPID and guest editor of the special issue of the Psychologische Rundschau. In his editorial, Bosnjak discusses in detail the role and perspectives of the currently pursued research lines. 

Original papers included in the issue: 

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