Self submission for Preregistration Now Available on PreReg in Psychology

ZPID supports the preregistration of studies, giving researchers the opportunity to verify that their studies have been conducted and analyzed as planned. The step to preregister at ZPID has now been simplified by a new function.

Researchers can now upload their studies independently using a submission system. "We at ZPID want to provide researchers with the appropriate means to fulfill their work," says Dr. Stefanie Müller, head of Study Planning, Data Collection, and Data Analysis Services at ZPID. “We are now offering a new and simplified workflow for the submission of protocols and information pertaining to preregistration."

The platform PreReg in Psychology is used for preregistration at ZPID. It offers two options to researchers wanting to preregister studies: the Repository Track and the Lab Track.

Via the Repository Track, researchers can upload study protocols and other optional supplementary materials (e.g., a power analysis). After a formal evaluation, the protocol receives a timestamp, is assigned a DOI, and is deposited in the discipline-specific repository, PsychArchives.

An additional benefit of using the Lab Track is the possibility to apply for free data collection. ZPID offers access to quota samples for conducting online studies (PsychLab online) as well as the opportunity to outsource the data collection of eye-tracking studies (or any PC-based study) to its lab in Trier (PsychLab offline). "We at ZPID want to increase good scientific practice in the research process and consider preregistration as important part of it”, says Müller. "Therefore, we give researchers incentives to do so."

Information on preregistration opportunities at ZPID can be found on the PreReg in Psychology website.

Contact Person

Dr. Stefanie Mueller
Head of Study Planning, Data Collection, and Data Analysis Services
+49 (0)651 201-2048