Comes in New Design and with New Functions

Literature, tests, interventions, trends: Easy access to publication references, research aids, and information on all aspects of psychology can be found at the new PSYNDEX database Website.

The PSYNDEX reference database is ZPID's most traditional product - and its new website is now being presented in a modern and user-friendly design. 

The new site helps visitors use PSYNDEX in a more focused manner and allows them to fully exploit its potential to search for publication references. "In particular, the convenient search access points to ZPID's free search portal PubPsych are a major innovation," says Dr. Veronika Kuhberg-Lasson, Head of Information and Retrieval Services. "They allow users to search PSYNDEX via PubPsych with just one click and without learning complex search strategies. This has made it much easier to find scientific literature and, especially, suitable testing instruments and interventions." Moreover, there are detailed instructions for extensive search within the available search platforms as well as practical use cases.

The database's added values are presented in a new design: high-quality content classification and keywording as well as detailed descriptions and reviews of testing instruments and intervention programs which make up PSYNDEX.

The new category "Topics & Trends" provides compiled information on current research topics, some of which has been specifically adapted for interested laypersons. In addition to new content, there were technological improvements: can now be accessed more conveniently using mobile devices.

PSYNDEX contains more than 376,000 references from the entire psychological field of literature from German-speaking countries since about 1977 as well as more than 8,000 references on psychological and educational tests. All bibliographically indexed entries are described in both German and English, carefully classified, and in most cases accompanied by compact abstracts. PSYNDEX has been designed for combined searches with other international databases such as PsycINFO.