Practices and Tools of Open Science

Successful event series continues

In 2022, the Leibniz Institute for Psychology (ZPID) and the Open Science Group of the Psychologie Fachschaften Konferenz (PsyFaKo e.V.) jointly launched the event series Practices and Tools of Open Science (PTOS). In 14 events, more than 500 students and researchers approached the topic of Open Science from very different perspectives. The topics covered different steps of a circular model of scientific research with practical advice on theories, methods, and tools to promote open and transparent science in psychology.

The event series will now be continued in a new edition, starting in May 2023. The first three dates will cover topics related to study planning and data collection. The events will take place online via Zoom and participation is free of charge.  

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Detailed information about the 2023 themes and links for registration can be found on the event page:

Available online: Videos and materials for the first series 2022

All videos at a glance in the ZPID media library:
More materials in PsychArchives:


Tanja Burgard & Stefanie Müller for ZPID
Maximilian Frank & David Grüning
Open Science AG of the PsyFaKo