New Online Bibliographies on Computer Game Addiction and School Transition

ZPID has created two new bibliographies - one about gaming disorders, the other about the transition to school.

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A few weeks ago computer gambling addiction got some attention when the World Health Organization (WHO) updated its ICD-11 disease catalogue including computer gambling addiction as a mental disorder.

PSYNDEX, the literature database of the Leibniz Institute for Psychology Information (ZPID), contains interesting references on risk factors and correlates, cognitive, social and psychological consequences, diagnostic criteria, test procedures and therapeutic interventions. They have been compiled in the new bibliography.

"Since PSYNDEX contains literature references from German-speaking countries, this compilation clearly shows that Computer gambling addiction is a volatile problem in Germany as well," says Veronika Kuhberg, Head of the Information Services Unit."

The second bibliography coincides with the beginning of the new school year. It lists publications concerning the transition from kindergarten to primary school as well as the transition from primary to secondary school. 

Primary school literature in particular contains some references that may be of interest to parents - from guidebooks to studies about the parental role in a child's academic development.

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