Launch of the new PsychArchives interface

Presenting PsychArchives with a fresh design and new functionalities

Effective immediately, a completely redesigned user interface is available for users of the psychological repository, PsychArchives. "Launching the new PsychArchives user interface markedly improves the user-friendliness and transparency of the repository," says Lea Gerhards, Product Owner of the repository at the Leibniz Institute for Psychology (ZPID). "Redesigning the user interface allows us to target our services to the needs of our users, which have become apparent during day-to-day operations."

Beyond the new, visually appealing website design, several display innovations deliver an improved user experience: Metadata are now displayed in PsychArchives according to object type. Specifically, whereas information such as journal title, issue number, and page numbers are visually highlighted for articles, conference objects (such as presentation slides) prominently display information about title, year, and location of the conference. The implementation of new metadata fields also increases both the density of  information and its transparency. The justification for retracting an object, for example, will be prominently displayed on the website in the future. Colored badges indicating access class and licensing clearly reveal the terms and conditions governing the authorized use of content as well as the purposes for which it may be used.

In addition to improved navigability of the information content, the website also includes an optimized browsing function that allows search results to be filtered by object type, access level, and publication date. Other new features include the option to generate  citations formatted in several standard citation styles and the possibility to export metadata in BibTex format.

To view the updated PsychArchives, please visit:

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