Katarina Blask to Serve on Editorial Board of the Journal of Open Psychology Data

Dr. Katarina Blask, operational manager of the Research Data Center (RDC) at ZPID, has been appointed to the editorial board of the "Journal of Open Psychology Data" (JOPD).

JOPD publishes scientific articles that describe psychological data sets with a high potential for reuse. The data records described must be stored in a public repository and freely accessible online. This means that they are stored in a data archive such as PsychArchives, and have been submitted under an open license (e.g. a Creative Commons Zero license).

The JOPD Editorial Board appoints people who have both the relevant professional background and the necessary expertise in data publications.

Dr. Blask holds a PhD in psychology, and has been working on research projects aimed at developing best practices in data curation since 2017. These include, for example, the two projects funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), PsyCuraDat - development of user-oriented curation criteria for psychological research data, and PODMAN - the process-oriented development of management instruments for data in the life cycle.

Since August 2020 she has been operationally managing the RDC at the ZPID, which offers the possibility of publishing research data and thus making them more findable and reusable. In addition, it provides detailed information and advice on the subject of research data.

"It is a great honor and pleasure for me as a member of the Editorial Board at the Journal of Open Psychology Data to contribute to the establishment of the publication format that is so important for the open science movement in psychology - data publication," commented Dr. Blask her appointment to the JOPD Editorial Board.

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