International Recognition of ZPID Services on the Rise

As the Open Science movement globally gains more and more momentum, the tools and services of the Leibniz Institute for Psychology Information (ZPID) supporting open science practices increasingly revel in international recognition. 

In a recent review in Collabra: Psychology, PsychData, a platform for archiving and sharing psychological research data created in 2002, is included in the list of recommended “independent public repositories for sharing research products” (Klein et al., p. 6).

Collabra: Psychology is the official journal of the Society for the Improvement of Psychological Science (SIPS), an Open Access journal from the University of California Press. 

"We will see a lot of changes towards more transparency and better replicability in psychological science, especially among younger colleagues", says Professor Michael Bosnjak, director of ZPID, who recently attended the annual SIPS meeting in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. ZPID as the Public Open Science Institute for Psychology can advance this transition process.

PsychData is about to be integrated into PsychArchivesBeta, a trusted repository for an amplitude of digital research objects (DROs) in psychological science: Full texts, pre-prints, slides, code, multimedia, tests, primary research data and other. One of the design goals of PsychArchivesBeta is the long term preservation of DROs warranted by a sustainable public non-profit organization. Another goal is reuse: In order to help third-party researchers understand the data, metadata and other documentation is submitted alongside the data or created on deposit. This helps users unfamiliar with the research data to find, evaluate, understand and reuse them.

Among the well established ZPID open science services are PsychOpen, an APC-free open access publication platform, and PubPsych, a free search tool to find psychological literature, tests, treatment programs. 

Klein, O., et al. (2018). A Practical Guide for Transparency in Psychological Science. Collabra: Psychology, 4(1): 20. DOI:

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