Making it Easier to See Digital Research Objects in Context

PsychArchives presents digital research objects such as data, publications and code in context.

All associated research objects become immediately visible.

Research is a process in which various digital objects are created. Up to the point of publication of the results, different objects such as (preregistered) study protocols, analysis codes and raw data may be created that should be archived and published in the spirit of open science. Research results can only be fully understood within this context.

In PsychArchives it is now possible to link digital research objects into coherent bundles. "If a user now looks at any part of the bundle in PsychArchives, for example the publication itself or the preprint, all other associated research objects become immediately visible and accessible on the same page," says ZPID's Roland Ramthun, explaining the reason for the new presentation mode of research objects in PsychArchives.

The individual research objects are now displayed equivalently next to each other and can be cited individually, even via DOI.

PsychArchives is ZPID's subject-specific repository for psychology and its related disciplines. It is freely accessible and archives digital research objects free of charge, abiding by the FAIR principles

Contact Person

Roland Ramthun
Deputy Head of Archiving and Publication Services

+49 (0)651 201-2861