PsychData Continues to Grow

PsychData currently contains 172 research data sets from 56 studies. 

The research data center PsychData accredited by RatSWD (German Data Forum) has expanded its database again. Recently, research data was collected from a study which investigated motivational dynamics in couples and their relevance for relationship satisfaction. Caroline Zygar, Birk Hagemeyer, Sebastian Pusch and Felix D. Schönbrodt were responsible for the data collection.

Two studies were collected from a collaborative research center (SFB), the SFB/Transregio 135 - Cardinal mechanisms of perception: prediction, evaluation, categorisation. One study is about human weight perception and how size can be deceptive when assessing weights. The other research data belongs to a study about how test subjects perceive moving objects.

PsychData supports psychologists in archiving and documenting their research data in a sustainable matter thus making it available to the professional community in a regulated manner. PsychData supports research-accompanying documentation by means of DataWiz as well as the downstream documentation and archiving of research data. PsychData is a service of the Leibniz Institute for Psychology Information (ZPID) and contributes vitally to to the promotion of open science.


Dataset Details

Zygar, C., Hagemeyer, B., Pusch, S., & Schönbrodt, F.D. (2018). From motive dispositions to states to outcomes: Research data of an intensive experience sampling study on communal motivational dynamics in couples.

Wolf, C., Bergmann Tiest, W.M., & Drewing, K. (2018). A mass-density model can account for the size-weight illusion. Research data of three experiments.

Drewing, K., Hitzel, E., & Scocchia, L. (2017). The influence of flash characteristics on the visual and haptic flash-lag effect - research data from the 2012/2013 study.

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