Zeitschrift für Psychologie
Call for Thematic Issue (2023-2026)

The editors of the Zeitschrift für Psychologie (ZfP) invite prospective guest editor teams interested in a thematic issue (to be published in ZfP in 2023-2026) to prepare a proposal for submission by June 30, 2021.

Guest editors are encouraged to submit contemporary topics in any field of Psychology (including high-risk/high-gain topics), are expected to ensure that the overall topic is of interest to an international audience and that papers do comply with the open science policy of the journal. Data, code and all other materials should be posted to a trusted repository, preferably on PsychArchives. Preregistration of hypothesis-driven research is being encouraged. If deemed appropriate by prospective guest editors, the Registered Reports format is technically supported by the Zeitschrift für Psychologie.

Please submit a proposal via this website before June 30, 2021, providing us with the following information:

  • Names of all potential guest editors, highlighting any editorial experience they already have.
  • A title and brief abstract (no more than 1,000 words) of the proposed topic of the thematic issue.
  • Preferred publication year/s of the topical issue (2023-2026).
  • Declaration of compliance to the open science policy of the Zeitschrift für Psychologie.

The editors of the Zeitschrift für Psychologie (ZfP) will make its decision by July 15, 2021, which of the proposals should be accepted.

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Contact person

Prof. Dr. Michael Bosnjak
Editor-in-chief Zeitschrift für Psychologie

+49 (0)651 201-2706