PreReg: Preregistration in Psychology


This session will introduce ZPID's PreReg service, which allows easy creation and publication of pre-registrations.

Pre-registering studies is an effective open science technique as it allows transparent documentation of study plans. The workshop will be divided into two parts: In the first part, we will discuss what pre-registration is in the first place and why it is important for researchers to pre-register their studies. In the second part, we will take a closer look at the pre-registration process and learn how to create a pre-registration using PreReg. For this, we will take a closer look at three points:

1) What templates are available on PreReg that can help us create our pre-registration.

2) In which formats we can write our pre-registration.

3) How to publish a pre-registration on the PreReg platform.

A live demonstration will walk through all the important steps from writing to publishing the pre-registration. In addition to PreReg, we will also use ZPID's PsychNotebook service, which allows the use of RStudio and JupyterLab in the browser.


Speaker: In her doctoral thesis, Lisa Spitzer is investigating, among other things, how researchers feel about the topic of pre-registration. Her goal is to make the practice of pre-registration as easy as possible for researchers.