Second Issue of Clinical Psychology in Europe (CPE) Released

CPE is the official academic journal of the European Association of Clinical Psychology and Psychological Treatment (EACLIPT). It is published at ZPID's PsychOpen GOLD.


"We were extremely happy with the launch of Clinical Psychology in Europe", says Cornelia Weise, Managing Editor of CPE. "It is great, that CPE is part of the PsychOpen GOLD platform and that we thus can offer free open access to readers and authors. The ZPID team is always helping out with all the practical stuff in the publication process and supports us in making CPE a promising journal in the field of clinical psychology." 

The CPE team has received lots of positive feedback from the community for the first issue. Weise: "Many researchers from all over the world are supporting us by providing manuscripts and peer-reviews, or by taking over editorial task."

In the current issue, you will find the latest research telling you for example 

Last, but not least, the second issue comprises a list of Competences of Clinical Psychologists which is supposed to inform education, training and practical work.

CPE welcomes research conducted both in and outside of Europe covering multiple approaches, topics and conceptual views that contribute to advances in clinical psychological science. The goal is to provide a platform of exchange, not only publishing empirical research articles, but the broad variety of research efforts such as keynote lectures or scientific updates as well.

PsychOpen GOLD is the European Open-Access Publishing Platform for Psychology, provided by the Leibniz Institute for Psychology Information (ZPID), Trier, Germany.

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