PSYNDEX Tests Update

Following our most recent update, PSYNDEX Tests contains more than 8,200 documented test procedures in its database.

The PSYNDEX database continues to provide the most comprehensive documentation of psychological and educational test procedures that have been developed and applied in or translated for use in the German-speaking countries.

Internationally, this collection is one of the most comprehensive in the field of testing and diagnostics. Currently (as of December 7, 2020), PSYNDEX Tests includes 8,181 test records. These comprise 3,803 comprehensive test descriptions ("PSYNDEX Tests Review"), 347 brief descriptions ("PSYNDEX Tests Abstract") as well as 4,031 references with bibliographic information and indexing ("PSYNDEX Tests Info").

Most of the brief summaries focus on research instruments whereas published test procedures, due to their higher significance, are often presented and evaluated in more detail. The Test Procedures Directory is available (as a download); it provides a quick overview of the tests that have been documented in PSYNDEX as well as a compilation of external test reviews.

A list of Open Access procedures can be obtained, for example, via our search interface PubPsych using the search formulation "open access" AND DT="Tests/Questionnaires" AND DB="PSYNDEX".