Update in PSYNDEX Tests

With the current update, over 7,600 test procedures are now verified in the PSYNDEX tests database segment.

The PSYNDEX database continues to contain the most comprehensive documentation of psychological and pedagogical tests developed, translated and applied in German-speaking countries. 

Internationally, it is also one of the largest collections of documentary proof in the field of test diagnostics. PSYNDEX tests currently (as of June 4, 2018) contains 7,612 tests, devided into 3,714 complete process descriptions ("PSYNDEX Tests Review"), 334 short descriptions ("PSYNDEX Tests Abstract") and 3,564 references with bibliographic information and keywording ("PSYNDEX Tests Info"). 

The biggest part of the concise certificates refers to research instruments. Published test procedures are often presented and evaluated in more detail due to their importance. A quick overview of the already documented procedures in the form of a register can be obtained via the Test Procedures directory, which also contains a list of test reviews for the documented procedures.

Prior to their entry into PSYNDEX tests, new publications of tests and books in the field of test diagnostics are also presented in the blog "New additions to tests and books in test diagnostics".