Conference on the Management of Research Data

The eSciences service center of the University of Trier and ZPID - Leibniz Institute for Psychology Information call for abstracts. The reason is a conference on the management of research data.

The conference "Research + Data Management = Research Data Management - When does the equation resolve itself? Implementation of an institutional RDM infrastructure and service landscape" takes place on March 27 and 28, 2019 at the University of Trier. It aims at all persons who are actively involved in the design of research data management structures (RDM) and concepts at universities and non-university research institutions.

The project "PODMAN - process-oriented development of management tools for research data in its life cycle", funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, wants to evaluate and discuss the developed reference model in regard to the efficient and effective integration of the RDM into the research process with participants of the conference. The reference model shall provide research institutions with a flexible instrument for developing and implementing institutional data management strategies. 

Keeping in mind the research process, it addresses the design of the organisational structure as well as the communication and qualification of all those involved in research data management, so that researchers are able to integrate the required infrastructures and services into their work processes as smoothly as possible.

Striving for Ideal Framework Conditions

The goal is to provide researchers with ideal framework conditions for the quality-assured and sustainable handling of their research data by implementing an infrastructure and service landscape oriented towards the research process. In this context, a further concern of the conference is to collect and discuss the central mechanisms of action for an optimal integration of RDM into the research process. 

Abstracts from all research fields dealing with the integration of research and RDM are  accepted for the conference. The papers could address the following areas, for example:

1. shaping the organisational structure for an institutionalised RDM
2. conception of incentive/reward systems for researchers
3. requirements and criteria for the development of RDM qualification concepts

It is also possible to submit contributions/opinions to the already developed materials of the PODMAN project. These can be accessed via this link from OPUS of the Trier University Library.

Submittance of abstracts no later than December 15, 2018 at: fdm(at)

Contact Person

PD Dr. Erich Weichselgartner
Project Manager PODMAN

+49 (0)651 201-2056