Stefanie Müller talks about ZPID's free data collection at Unipark meeting

Dr. Stefanie Müller, head of Study Planning, Data Collection, and Data Analysis Services at ZPID, will explain the conditions under which ZPID can offer free data collection.

The organizers of the meeting would like to give Unipark users the opportunity to exchange information on online research issues. ZPID is currently running an online research panel in the pilot phase. By the end of 2020, it will be in full operation.

The online lab offers the opportunity of quota samples that are purchased from a panel provider for web-based surveys. Moreover, web-based studies that have requirements exceeding the service portfolio of the panel provider can be conducted via crowdsourcing through the online lab.

ZPID's online lab is a service that intends to incentivize open science practices such as preregistration and publication of data.To be eligible for free data collection, studies must be pre-registered in our repository PsychArchives and collected data will later be linked to the preregistration and will be made accessible to the public. 

Stefanie Müller will explain the service in detail in her presentation "Incentivizing preregistration by free-of-charge data collection at ZPID" and answer questions.

The Unipark community meeting will take place on Friday, November 29 from 9 am to 6 pm at the University of Mannheim. Further information and registration at

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