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Wonder how to make your data sustainable? Register for the D-Psy-FAIR workshop now!

Making research data accessible and sustainable is a core element of the Open Science movement. But how should psychologists prepare their data enabling storage and reuse in an optimal way? In this workshop we would like to share the results of the empirical research we conducted on this topic in the BMBF funded project PsyCuraDat, which led to creating the D-Psy-FAIR standard for the sustainable documentation of psychological research data.

The workshop will address four basic steps to adequate data documentation for psychological data which were empirically identified in two years of research. You will learn about the reasoning behind each step, and you will have the opportunity to implement them to an example dataset. In doing so, you will be working with the tool DataWiz 2, which has been reworked from scratch and aims to be a one-stop solution for creating data documentation in psychology (release expected Q4 2022, try it out in our workshop!). Furthermore, there will be room to discuss your questions and issues in documenting your research data for optimal reuse.

The full workshop will be taking place on March 16th, and March 17th 2022 (same schedule on both days, choose one date of preference).

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The Team of PsyCuraDat @ Leibniz Institute for Psychology (ZPID)

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Dr. Katarina Blask
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