PSYNDEX Complements Search Portal LIVIVO

The database of ZPID adds psychology to the wide range of subjects within the field of life sciences.

ZB MED - Information Centre For Life Sciences has extended its search portal LIVIVO  by a data source: PSYNDEX, the reference database of the Leibniz Institute for Psychology Information (ZPID), adds psychology to the wide range of subjects within the field of life sciences.

Psychological findings include important aspects from the field of knowledge in the life sciences. These include health psychology, physiological psychology, mental illness and psychological aspects of physical illnesses, treatment methods and health care. Veronika Kuhberg-Lasson (graduated psychologist), head of the department information services at ZPID, and Christoph Poley (graduated computer scientist), responsible for the product LIVIVO, state together: “The admission of PSYNDEX into the search portal LIVIVO facilitates interdisciplinary searches in ranges, which concern both disciplines: life sciences and psychology.” "The visibility of psychological contributions to the life sciences will be increased," adds Prof. Dr. Michael Bosnjak, Director of ZPID.

The ZB MED search portal LIVIVO supports disciplinary and interdisciplinary questions in medicine, environmental, nutrition and agricultural science. "With the inclusion of PSYNDEX we were able to expand the range of LIVIVO once again. This extension corresponds to the ‘One Health’ approach pursued by ZB MED, i.e. to gain a holistic understanding of the interrelationships by merging knowledge about people, nature and the environment. Psychology is an essential component in this," explains Dr. Dietrich Nelle, interim director and scientific director of ZB MED.

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Veronika Kuhberg-Lasson
Head of information services

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