PSYNDEX Search Topics Related to the Corona Pandemic

The PSYNDEX database is searched extensively - also via the PubPsych platform - to identify relevant literature sources on coping with the corona virus crisis.

The PSYNDEX database comprises references of all psychological literature from German-speaking countries since 1977 and is available free of charge via the portal PubPsych. 

In light of the corona pandemic, it is being used to find relevant literature resources for coping with the crisis. Users not only encompass scientists and interested nonprofessionals, but also members of federal and state crisis committees and the World Health Organization (WHO). 

ZPID's Information and Retrieval Services have developed standard PubPsych queries for the rapid identification of relevant resources in PSYNDEX, which you can find here: 

Dealing with loneliness and isolation
Publications on coping strategies for loneliness that is not caused by social exclusion. 

Isolation and communication
Publications on the use of communication media in loneliness. 

Risks in relation to communicable diseases
Publications on the perception and management of risks of virus diseases.

Information on searching with PubPsych can be found here.