ZPID Portfolio Analysis 2023

Participate and take part in a lottery on 50 euros

As a supra-regional research support organization for psychology in German-speaking countries, ZPID provides a wide range of services, all free of charge. It is oriented towards an ideal research cycle - from the literature search to the publication of research results - and is strongly committed to Open Science.

By means of this survey, we want to improve our products and services by adapting them to the needs of (potential) users. Thus, we need your support! In the survey, you will be asked about which ZPID services you are familiar with, how often you use them for your work (for students: for your studies), and how you assess them.

By participating, you will have the opportunity to get to know our services better. In addition, you can take part in a lottery on 10 vouchers worth 50 euros each.

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