New tests in the Open Test Archive

Six new open access tests were already published in 2024

Chronological list of the new tests from 2024 in Leibniz Institute for Psychology's (ZPID)Open Test Archive . Photo: ZPID

The test archive of the Leibniz Institute for Psychology (ZPID) provides psychological tests and measures and makes them freely accessible. Since the beginning of the year, six new tests have been added to the more than 200 already available. “What they all have in common is that they fall into the clinical area,” reports Dipl.-Psych. Gülay Karadere, research associate at the Open Test Archive. “Topics include hallucination, depression, cancer, stress, defeat and entrapment -  negative emotional states that can lead to depression and other disorders.”

The new tests at a glance: 

  • The German adaptation of the LSHS-G (Launay-Slade Hallucination Scale Revised) assesses hallucinatory experiences in healthy adults in German-speaking countries using 12 items. 
  • The NPO-11 is a screening to assess the psychosocial aftercare needs in pediatric oncology in the self-report and parent report.
  • The German adaptation of the PDI-G (Peters et al. Delusions Inventory) measures subclinical delusions in adults on three dimensions (preoccupation, temporal preoccupation, strength of conviction). 
  • The revision of the Stress and Coping Inventory (SCI) uses seven scales and a total of 45 items to measure psychological stress, stress symptoms and stress management strategies.
  • The SDES is aimed to measure two constructs, Defeat and Entrapment using 4 items each.
  • The SDS (Satow® Depression Scale) is used to assess the severity of depressive symptoms using four subscales (motivational, emotional, cognitive and somatic components of depressive symptoms). 

Additionally, a major update to the VA-MeCo (Video-Based Assessment of Medical Communication Competence) is provided. It assesses basal medical communication competence of medical students and is based on established standards of doctor-patient communication.

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