Minister-President Malu Dreyer Congratulates On Successful Redirection

The Minister-President of Rhineland-Palatinate, Malu Dreyer, visited the Leibniz Institute for Psychology Information and informed herself about ZPID's work and services.

Minister-President Malu Dreyer und ZPID director Prof. Michael Bosnjak. Picture credit: Sheila Dolman

"The Leibniz Institute for Psychology Information (ZPID) is an innovative institution that stimulates the research landscape in Rhineland-Palatinate. It supports all scientific work processes from the collection of ideas to publication in psychology and thus benefits the entire psychological scientific community within the German-speaking countries," said Minister-President Malu Dreyer when visiting ZPID in Trier. She was convinced of the successful development of the institute.

ZPID has succeeded in moving from the era of specialist information centers to the era of digital all-round service. "One success criterion was undoubtedly the tight connection to the University of Trier, which had ensured a degree of specialist relevance, and the decision to increasingly supplement the infrastructure services with its own research," said the Minister-President. A further success criterion was the solid basic funding by the federal and state governments, which was rapidly expanded in 2005 with the Pact for Research. "But the main key to ZPID's success is its staff, who always has been willing to make changes for the better. I am pleased that the Leibniz Association has assessed the current processes of change at ZPID extremely positively in its most recent evaluation.

I warmly congratulate you on the fact that the Joint Science Conference last week decided to continue ZPID's federal-state funding for another seven years. This is the result and the confirmation of your work", said Minister-President Malu Dreyer. Rhineland-Palatinate will also continue to support ZPID in the implementation of its ideas and is willing to increase the funding of the institute. "Without a strong, diverse and dynamic scientific landscape, there will be no innovative products and services. They are a prerequisite for the economic strength of our state."

Prof. Michael Bosnjak, director of ZPID, thanked the State of Rhineland-Palatinate, the Ministry of Science, Further Education and Culture as well as the Federal Ministry of Health for their joint support in the redirection of the institute. "We experience an impressive support of our request to establish accessible, transparent and comprehensible science for all as standard and to gain a lighthouse position in psychology”, said Bosnjak.

Prof. Georg Müller-Fürstenberger, vice president of the University of Trier, emphasized the importance of ZPID for the University of Trier. The close cooperation and the reorientation strengthen the location as a "health campus", where psychology and other health-related disciplines, such as nursing sciences, are becoming increasingly important, said Müller-Fürstenberger. In addition, ZPID supports the university by giving impulses nationwide in the field of research data management.

Founded in 1971, ZPID is one of three Leibniz Institutes in Rhineland-Palatinate. Since 2013, ZPID has been a legally independent institution. ZPID, which is unique in Germany, supports the entire scientific work process in the field of psychology. The new institute management has realigned ZPID to support research activities in all phases of the research process and expands its own research activities.

Central topics are the reception of scientific findings, methods for the systematic compilation of scientific results and big data in psychology. Additionally, the institute is aiming to intensify its cooperation with the department of psychology at the University of Trier and the university management. During the visit of the Minister-President, a memorandum was signed to establish a psychological research network in Trier amongst the cooperation of ZPID, the University of Trier and the department of psychology.

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