Launch of the reviewer link functionality in PsychArchives

PsychArchives now offers the option of sharing content exclusively with peer-reviewers before archiving it

PsychArchives, the disciplinary repository for psychological science and neighboring disciplines, is launching its reviewer link functionality, a new feature that supports researchers in the peer-review process of scientific articles. Using the reviewer link, materials related to the article can be made available to reviewers without violating the terms of the anonymized review process.

Researchers submitting content to PsychArchives may now request a reviewer link for their submission before archiving it in the repository. Via this reviewer link, researchers can make their submission – such as research data and other supplementary material – available exclusively to reviewers during the peer-review process of their article. They also have the option of anonymizing their submission, i.e. veiling personal metadata such as the authors’ names. In this way, the functionality supports the double anonymized review process.

After completing the peer-review process, researchers are invited to publish their content in PsychArchives by archiving it for the long term. Content is assigned a persistent Digital Object Identifier (DOI) as part of the publication process, which ultimately makes it discoverable, citable and re-usable. Since the DOI ensures the citability and long-term availability of the content, the DOI (instead of the reviewer link) should be referenced in the final version of the journal article.

PsychArchives can be accessed via

Further information about the reviewer link functionality can be found in the PsychArchives PsychArchives FAQ section.