Spread Research Results More Quickly

PsychOpen GOLD has implemented an innovation so that authors can publish their research faster.

Immediately after a positive review and the commitment to publish the article, an author version - the so-called "Author Accepted Manuscript" (AAM) - of the article can be called up directly on the website of the relevant journal. This author's version is published in PsychArchives, can already be cited with its own DOI and is automatically linked to the journal.

Roland Ramthun, Head of Archiving and Publishing Services at ZPID: "With the pre-publication of the AAM versions, we solve the problem of the lack of visibility of scientific contributions in the period between acceptance and final publication. The increasing interconnection between different services, in this case between PsychOpen GOLD and PsychArchives, enables even faster publication in PsychOpen GOLD journals. The status of a publication within the Article History from Preprint, AAM and 'Version of Record' is also displayed transparently and the various article versions are linked to one another."

As an example of the new offer, take a look at the journal Clinical Psychology in Europe (CPE): cpe.psychopen.eu/index.php/cpe/aam.

"We have already received a lot of positive feedback from editors and authors to the new service," says Armin G├╝nther, Managing Editor of PsychOpen GOLD. "The editors really appreciate the fact that they can make accepted manuscripts available in a very short time and many authors have already submitted their Author Accepted Manuscript toPsychArchives."

PsychOpen GOLD is an open access publication platform for psychology provided by the Leibniz Institute for Psychology (ZPID). The ZPID publishes the journals completely free of charge ("Diamond Open Access").

PsychOpen GOLD is currently accepting applications for new open access journals. The aim is to add four additional to the eleven existing magazines. In this way, the scientific spectrum is to be significantly expanded once again.

Applications from new or existing journals must come from the field of psychology or closely related fields. Deadline is June 30th, 2021.

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