Research on Working Time and Health

Corinna Brauner from the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA) is doing research on working time and health. At ZPID - Leibniz Institute of Psychology Information she gave some insights into her research work.

At ZPID, Corinna Brauner gives some insights into her research work.

How long do employees work on average in Germany? Do they have to be available during the evening hours and on weekends? These were questions asked during the Working Time Survey by the BAuA. The first interrogation took place in 2015. A second survey was done last year. Almost 10,000 employees where interviewed. 

The survey, which is planned as a longitudinal study, provides data for various reports. In her study Corinna Brauner emphasises on "Work-Life-Balance and blurred boundaries". One result in this field: People who are constantly available to work complain about physical discomfort more often, she explains.

The report "BAuA Working Time Survey: Comparison 2015-2017" summarizes the results of the survey taken in 2017 and compares it with the interrogations taken in 2015. One conclusion is that the length of work-schedule hasn’t changed much since 2015. Also the options and requirements to work flexible haven’t changed much.

The study "BAuA Working Time Survey: Comparison 2015-2017" is available as download. More reports on further subjects are available at:

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