Extended instrument search in the Open Test Archive

Cooperation of the Open Test Archive with GESIS and DIPF

Searching the Open Test Archive now offers users even more information: In addition to ZPID’s collection of tests, searches now include the survey instruments from its partners, ZIS (GESIS) and FDZ Bildung (DIPF). It provides users a convenient and easy access to open access tests from all branches of psychology, the social sciences as well as specifically from the educational context. The items, scales, and tests included in the archive are provided free of charge under a Creative Commons license.

The Open Test Archive of ZPID is one of the largest repositories for German-language open access tests, providing users with psychological tests and measures for research, teaching, and practice.

The FDZ Bildung at the DIPF documents educational research instruments from completed research projects and makes them available to the scientific community for free re-use.

The GESIS Open Access Service ZIS enables researchers to publish their empirically tested measurement instruments on various topics in the social and behavioral sciences free of charge in order to make them discoverable and usable for other researchers.


Contact Person

Dipl.-Psych. Gülay Karadere
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin Open Test Archive