Call For Abstracts: Sharing Psychological Research Data (CSPD2020)

Data sharing has become an increasingly important aspect of good scientific practice. At CSPD2020, December 7 and 8, 2020, best practices and new developments targeted at data curation and quality assurance mechanisms in psychology shall be discussed.

The online conference is aimed at those who would like to actively participate in a cultural change within the domain of psychology towards a more open and transparent science. The event is part of the PsyCuraDat project, whose aim is to develop criteria and standards for the curation of psychological research data, which are based on the needs of researchers in their role as data providers and data users. "In this way, we want to enable a more efficient and effective documentation and reuse of psychological research data", says project manager Dr. Katarina Blask.

The primary problem regarding data reuse is the still insufficient willingness of researchers to make their data accessible to a broader audience. At the same time, only a very small percentage of data is reused in psychology. The root of both problems may be seen in the fact that existing criteria and standards for the curation of psychological research data are inadequately tailored to the needs of researchers.

In this context, the online conference is pursuing two strategic goals. On the one hand, it is aimed at giving researchers and infrastructure providers the opportunity to discuss theses (i.e. possible new developments) and best practices for developing or implementing curation criteria and quality standards for psychological research data. 

On the other hand, the conference is targeted at enabling a further evaluation of the preliminary project results of PsyCuraDat by identifying potential problems in the implementation of the curation criteria and quality standards and exploring possible solutions. Specifically, the aim is to verify the fit between the preliminarily developed criteria and standards for psychological research data and the interests of the various stakeholders.

Submission of abstracts is possible until November 15, 2020. Contributions from researchers and infrastructure providers are welcome who address concepts or best practices for the development and implementation of curation criteria and quality standards for psychological research data. The contributions could, for instance, address the following topics:

  • Requirements and criteria for psychological research data according to the FAIR principles
  • Quality assurance in the provision of psychological research data 
  • Incentive / reward systems for the establishment of standards for the curation of psychological research data. 

Interested parties are asked to submit abstracts with a maximum length of 250 words via the submission form on our conference page.

More details on presentation formats, aims and scope of the conference can be found on the CSPD2020 conference page

If you have any questions about the conference, please contact us at the e-mail address PsyCuraDat(at)