An Updated Edition of the Test Directory is Now Available

The Leibniz Institute for Psychology Information (ZPID) has released the 26th updated edition of its Directory of Test Procedures comprising 7,979 currently available test records in the database segment, PSYNDEX Tests.

Located on the PSYNDEX test directory page, five directory files provide a general overview of the tests and test reviews published in January 2020 in the PSYNDEX Tests database segment. Access to these files is unrestricted and free of charge.

A total of 7,979 test records are documented, with each record reporting the brief test names (test abbreviations, acronyms), full test names (title of a test or procedure), author(s), year of publication, and the corresponding PSYNDEX Tests document number. Bibliographic records are also available for 3,245 test reviews of 1,490 tests.

With a total of 1,137 pages, the test directory provides a comprehensive index of the test records and test descriptions in PSYNDEX Tests. Searching for document records in PSYNDEX is easy, for example, by simply entering the document number listed in the directory on ZPID's search interface PubPsych, e.g. "9000045".

The Directory of Test Methods, updated for 2020, includes the following sections (only in German):

The test directory can be downloaded in PDF format free of charge for personal use.