The Leibniz Institute for Psychology (ZPID) is the supra-regional scientific research support organization for psychology in German-speaking countries. It supports the entire scientific work process from gathering ideas and researching literature to documenting research, archiving data and publishing the results, based on an ideal-type research cycle. 

It is committed to the idea of open science and sees itself as a public open science institute for psychology. As a research-based support institution, ZPID conducts basic application research in the area of research literacy and user-friendly research support. Further expansions of the research area are in progress around the topics of research synthesis methods and big data in psychology. 

The central, free-of-charge services include the search portal PubPsych, the open access publishing platform PsychOpen GOLD and the psychology repository PsychArchives. New services for study planning, preregistration of psychological studies, data collection and data analysis are under development.

ZPID places great importance on supporting the work-life-balance of its employees. ZPID therefore continuously improves its services to this effect and was certified for the first time by the audit berufundfamilie in 2019.