Mark René Jonas, M.Sc.


Research Associate (Research Literacy and User-Friendly Research Support)

+49 (0) 651 201-2164


  • Project PLan Psy: Plain Language Summaries of Psychological Meta-Analyses
  • Research Literacy and User-Friendly Research Support


Conference Papers

  • Jonas, M. (2021, September). Trust, put simply: Plain Language Summaries und Vertrauen in Wissenschaftler:Innen. Round Table Vortrag PAEPSY, 15. September 2021, online

  • Kerwer, M., Jonas, M., Benz, G., Stoll, M., Chasiotis, A. (2021, June). Communicating psychological evidence to non-scientists. How to deal with the complexity of psychological science? Poster presentation given at the SIPS 2021, June 23-25, 2021, online.