By using preregistration, researchers can demonstrate that their studies have been conducted, analyzed, and reported as initially planned.

Currently, it is possible to preregister studies via the PsychArchives repository. In the future, we will provide an independent platform for the preregistration of studies.

Contact Person

Dr. Stefanie Mueller
Head of Study Planning, Data Collection, and Data Analysis Services

+49 (0)651 201-2048

Registered Reports in Psychology (RRP) shall be a preregistration platform.

An accepted RRP protocol, along with the author's consent to use our repository services PsychArchives to publish results, grants the author access to our Psychology Lab (PsychLab) where data can be collected  free of charge. The laboratory includes an online study panel as well as an offline psychology lab.

Contributing a protocol to RRP does not require authors to publish in a specific journal.

RRP is currently under development. To receive notification on when RRP will begin accepting submissions, please register here.