Scientific Writing for the General Public


Part 1

Introduction to writing and communicating with the general public

Part 3

How to convey the main message


Part 5

Use of language and helpful tips for writing

Part 7

How to write a good main part

Part 2

Basic structure of an In-Mind-article


Part 4

Choosing the right title


Part 6

The importance of the teaser

ZPID end-of-the-year review 2019


A year filled with wonderful guests and events as well as new services. This is our review. The ZPID team wishes you all a Happy New Year.


ZPID Replicability Talk


M. Joseph Sirgy

Title of the talk: Positive Balance: An integrative and replicable model of subjective well-being across hierarchical levels of analysis.

Research Synthesis 2019
incl. Big Data Symposium


Larry V. Hedges

Title of the talk: Meta-analytic perspectives when studying replication


Wolfgang Viechtbauer

Title of the talk: The R package metafor: Past, present and future


Ross Jacobucci

Title of the talk: Flexible Specification of Large Structural Equation Models with Regularization


Terri Pigott

Title of the talk: Considerations for power in meta-analysis


Christina Bergmann

Title of the talk: Dynamically aggregating evidence in community-augmented meta-analyses


Joop Hox

Title of the talk: Big Data + Big Computers = Computational Psychology?


Open Science 2019


Simine Vazire

Title of the talk: The Credibility Revolution in Psychological Science


Richard D. Morey

Title of the talk: Statistical issues facing the reform movement.

Tom Hardwicke

Title of the talk: Calibrating the scientific ecosystem through meta-research.


Greg Francis

Title of the talk: Rethinking multiple testing for replication and preregistration

Research Synthesis 2018


Frank Bosco

Title of the talk: metaBUS: Summarizing and Visualizing One Million Findings in Psychology


Daniel Lakens

Title of the talk: On the Reproducibility of Meta-Analyses


Wim Van den Noortgate

Title of the talk: Using multilevel models for the meta-analysis of dependent effect sizes


Suzanne Jak

Title of the talk: Recent developments in meta-analytic structural equation modeling


Mike W.-L. Cheung

Title of the talk: Bridging Meta-Analysis and Standard Statistical Methods


Big Data 2018


Fred Oswald

Title of the talk: The Hype, Reality, and Hope for Big Data Analyses in Psychological Research


Andreas Brandmaier

Title of the talk: The best of both worlds. Towards a synthesis of theory-based and data-driven modeling


Michael C Neale

Title of the talk: Structural Equation Modeling of Big Data - Challenges and Opportunities


Mike W.-L. Cheung

Title of the talk: Testing Model-Driven Hypotheses with Big Data


Katrijn Van Deun

Title of the talk: Statistical methods for linked high-dimensional with traditional data


ZPID Lecture Series 


Hans IJzerman und Oliver Genschow

Title of the talk: In-Mind Magazine

Florian Pargent

Title of the talk: Estimating the Performance of Predictive Models with Resampling Methods

Erik-Jan van Kesteren

Title of the talk: Structural Equation Models as Computation Graphs

Peter Steiner

Title of the talk: Ways out of the Replication Crisis


Registered Reports Workshop 2018


Chris Chambers

Title of the talk: Registered Reports as a vaccine against research bias


Joseph Cesario

Title of the talk: A view of peer-reviewed preregistration from CRSP