Trier: PhD Student Position (m/w/d)

University: PhD Student Position (m/w/d; 75%) in Cognitive Psychology

DFG Project in FOR 2790

PhD Student Position (m/w/d) in Cognitive Psychology at Trier University

(Action Control Research)
EG 13 TV-L, 75 %

We seek a candidate for a doctoral student position at the Department of Cognitive Psychology at the University of Trier (lab of C. Frings). The position (75% time) is ideally to begin 1st of November, 2022 (or earlier if that is more feasible). The contract is limited to 3 years. Successful candidates can obtain a PhD in Psychology. The project is funded by the DFG (German Research Council). The project is also part of the successfully renewed Research Unit (Forschungsgruppe)

Binding and Retrieval in Action Control that is located at 8 different universities. PhD students will have the possibility to visit the other labs during lab exchanges and will work in a team of more than 20 scientists – all working towards the goal of a better understanding of the processes contributing to action control – and connected via a virtual nextcloud-based laboratory.

The project is the Trier part of a double project with a postdoc working at Würzburg University and a PhD student at Trier University. It will analyze the influence of errors within an otherwise correct response sequence, on human action control; specifically on the representation and execution of action sequences. With the results of this project, it will be possible to specify the structure of event files – the centerpiece of the Binding and Retrieval in Action Control framework. The research unit will provide an excellent environment for acquiring important skills for an academic career – yet, these skills also qualify PhD candidates for many positions outside of science.

Applicants should have an interest in action control research and error processing. Experience with conducting experiments, knowledge of quantitative research methods, and ideally, programming skills (e.g., R, Psychopy, EPrime) is helpful but not essential. A university degree (master or diploma) in psychology as well as very good English skills are required. Severely disabled persons and persons who are treated as equals in accordance with Section 2 (3) of the German Social Code IX (SGB IX) will be given preferential consideration if they are suitably qualified (please enclose proof). Applications should include a cover letter describing research interests and a potential thesis project, curriculum vitae, university transcripts. The preferred method of submission is PDF files e-mailed to the responsible principal investigator (B. Moeller): moellerb(at)

Bewerbungen mit den üblichen Unterlagen bis 02.10.2022 richten Sie bitte an
Universität Trier, Fachbereich I – (Psychologie)
z. H. PD Dr. Birte Moeller
54286 Trier

Kontakt bei Rückfragen
PD Dr. Birte Moeller
Tel. +49 651 201-2979

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