Luxembourg (L): Research & Development specialist (m/f)

University: Research & Development specialist in psychology (m/f) (50016011)

The University of Luxembourg is a multilingual, international research university.

The Research assistant will work under the supervision of the PI, Dr. Dimitri Van Ryckeghem, who is member of the Research-Group on Self- Regulation and Health (University of Luxembourg) and the Experimental Health Psychology Lab (Maastricht university), whom will be supported by his local supervisor Prof. Claus Vögele, head of this research group. During this employment period the MSc will have the opportunity to get well acquainted with experimental research. Furthermore, the MSc will develop important skills (i.e. management of a research program, participant recruitment, data- collection, data-management, …) to start a PhD or perform work in the research context in future. Furthermore, he or she may also benefit from the contact with the scientific staff. The relevance of the topic (i.e., post-surgical pain, chronic pain, pain treatment) should also be of benefit to his/her professional insertion in Luxembourg or beyond, after the end of the PainFlex research project.

Research & Development specialist in psychology (m/f)

  • Ref: 50016011
  • Fixed-term contract (31 months)
  • Part-time 70 % (28 hours / week)

Your Role

It is expected that the Msc will to take an active role in the overall organisation of the experimental studies of the project “Flexibility in attention for pain over changing contexts and its impact upon poor pain outcomes: An experimental virtual reality investigation – PainFlex” and more specifically he/she will have to:

  • Actively recruit participants for participation in our experimental studies.
  • Be acquainted with the study paradigm (i.e., PainFlex, Limesurvey, Stop-It, ECG).
  • Be involved in the execution of the experimental studies. In particular he/she will be involved in all parts of the data-collection of the experimental studies.
  • Impute raw data in the correct format for data-analyses and be involved in pre-processing of the collected ECG data.
  • Actively participate as a member of the PI’s research team.
  • Engage in his/her current and future professional development.

Your Profile

The ideal MSc has a Master Diploma in Psychology, has experience in performing an experimental study (e.g., during his/her master thesis) in the context of health psychology.

Therefore, applications for the MSc position will be sought from individuals who have just graduated from the University and have interest in research in the context of pain. The background in Psychology of the MSc will assure that he/she has good understanding of how research in psychology is performed and he/she has important skills to perform the data-collection of the experimental studies. Initial experience with experimental studies during his/her master thesis will help the MSc to get acquainted with the experimental tasks and study design that is central in the research programme. However, in this context, extensive training will be provided by the PI. In addition, the following characteristics will be essential:

  • Good verbal/social communication skills.
  • The ability to work independently.
  • Having good team working skills.
  • Well organized working.

Since the MSc will be involved in the recruitment and data-collection of study participants in Luxembourg, a good (spoken) command of commonly used languages spoken in Luxembourg will be required (i.e., German and French). A good command of English and/or Luxembourgish is considered as an extra asset. If necessary, she/he will have the opportunity to register to language courses offered at the University (once a week) according his/her needs.

Further Information

Deadline for applications: 08/02/2020.

The University is an equal opportunity employer.

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