Bochum: Two PhD student positions (75%)

University: Two PhD student positions (75%) on ERC Advanced Grant „Avian Mind“ (824865)

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Two PhD student positions (75%) on ERC Advanced Grant „Avian Mind“

Online seit 01.10.2021
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The Ruhr-Universität Bochum is one of the leading research universities. The university draws its strengths from both the diversity and the proximity of scientific and engineering disciplines on a single, coherent campus. This highly dynamic setting enables students and researchers to work across traditional boundaries of academic subjects and faculties.

Context. The Department of Biopsychology is currently offering

2 PhD students positions (3 years, TV-L 13, 75%)

within the framework of the ERC (European Research Council) Advanced Grant „Avian Mind“. The Güntürkün lab offers a stimulating and highly interdisciplinary research culture that particularly encourages and supports the next generation of scientists.

Environment. Our group in Bochum (Germany) is at the forefront of investigating brain and cognition in birds by combining a wide range of techniques that reach from detailed analyses of behavior, via tract-tracing, optogenetics, and single cell recordings up to fMRI at 7T-magnetic field strength in awake and actively participating pigeons.

Objectives. In mammals, groundbreaking research has been carried out in the cortex. In birds, however, we just start to gain insights how the same cognitive functions can be generated with brains that do not have a cortex at all. Focusing on cognition-specific pallial networks, we plan to investigate the neural correlates of avian executive functions, memory systems, action planning, and consciousness, combining wireless in-vivo electrophysiology, optogenetics and awake fMRI with behavioral observations based on machine learning.

The research positions are related to the following possible topics:

  • fMRI analyses revealing the pallial network of executive functions
  • Identify an avian pallial associative area for movement Intentions
  • Investigate the putative memory functions of the avian hippocampus
  • Study signatures of consciousness and cognitive flexibility

If the position is funded by third-party funds the employee has no teaching obligation.


Qualification. Candidates must have a strong background in neuroscience, biology, psychology or related fields.

Deadline of application is 24th of October 2021, the earliest start of the position is January 01st, 2022. Interested candidates should submit their application with their CV, a cover letter detailing skills and motivation, and contact information for up to 3 references to Onur Güntürkün (biopsychologie(at)

Current publications of our lab:

  • Packheiser u.a., Progress in Neurobiology, 2021, 197: 101901.
  • Stacho et al., Science, 2020, 369: eabc5534.
  • Yuste et al., Nature Neuroscience, 2020, 23: 1456-1468.
  • Behroozi et al., Nature Communications, 2020, 11: 4715.
  • Güntürkün et al., Physiological Reviews, 2020, 100: 1019-1063.
  • Anselme, P. and Güntürkün, O., Behavioral Brain Sciences, 2019, 42: 1–59.
  • Xiao, Q. and Güntürkün, O., Cell Reports, 2018, 25, 1171–1180.
  • Ocklenburg et al., Science Advances, 2018, 4: eaar6830.
  • Genç et al., Nature Communications, 2018, 9: 1905.

Travel expenses for interviews cannot be refunded.*Notification obligation for the collection of personal data*

The Ruhr University Bochum is committed to equal opportunity. We strongly encourage applications from qualified women and persons with disabilities.


Art der Beschäftigung Teilzeit
Zeitraum der Beschäftigung 3 Jahre
Vergütung TV-L E13 (75%)
Bewerbungsfristsende Sonntag, 24. Oktober 2021 - 23:59


Hochschule / Einrichtung Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Institut / Einrichtung Psychologie / Biopsychologie
Standort Universitätsstr. 150, 44801 Bochum, Deutschland
Kontaktperson Herr Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Onur Güntürkün
Telefon +4923428213
E-Mail biopsychologie(at)

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