PsychLab online

Our online lab offers you a cost-free data collection for high-quality preregistrations. We provide quota samples that we purchase from a panel provider for your web-based surveys. Moreover, web-based studies that have requirements exceeding the service portfolio of the panel provider can be conducted via crowdsourcing through our online lab.

To apply, submit your preregistration protocol to the Lab Track at  PreReg in Psychology. Your application will be evaluated in a review process that is similar to that of a journal.

After acceptance, your preregistration will be published on  PsychArchives  and we will initiate the data collection. It is necessary that you implement your study with a software that is suitable for conducting web-based experiments (e.g.,  UniparkSoSci Survey, Qualtrics, …). 

After data collection, data that have been collected via PsychLab must be archived and published in  PsychArchives  so that others can reuse them.

For more information about the Lab Track, have a look at  PreReg in Psychology  or contact us if any questions remain!

Contact Person

Dr. Stefanie Mueller
Head of Study Planning, Data Collection, and Data Analysis Services

+49 (0)651 201-2048

Do you need help with survey design or methodology?

GESIS offers a range of (partly fee-based) services such as cognitive pretesting to support researchers in optimizing their survey questions.