Data collection

We will offer the scientific community a unique opportunity to collect data free of charge.

We are currently operating - in the pilot phase - an online research panel and an offline lab located at our facilities in Trier (Germany). The offline lab is equipped with state-of-the-art eye-tracking technology. Prospective studies must be preregistered and accepted via PreReg in Psychology (PRP), our preregistration platform.

Contact Person

Dr. Stefanie Mueller
Head of Study Planning, Data Collection, and Data Analysis Services

+49 (0)651 201-2048



By the end of 2020, the online research panel and the offline lab will be in full operation, i.e., applications for data collection will be accepted and evaluated via a review system similar to that of a journal.

To be eligible for free data collection, all studies must first submit preregistration information to PreReg in Psychology (PRP). After approval of the study preregistration, it will be conducted utilizing our research infrastructure, which includes an online panel and an offline lab.

Data collected in our lab will be archived and made accessible for secondary research through our repository, PsychArchives.

To receive notification on when we will begin accepting submissions, please register here.

PreReg in Psychology (PRP)

By using preregistration, researchers can demonstrate that their studies have been conducted, analyzed, and reported as initially planned.

Preregistration improves quality, reliability, and credibility, of (psychological) research by providing a clear distinction between confirmatory and exploratory testing. The format PreReg as offered by journals evaluates a study proposal before data has been collected. Thus, it places the focus on good ideas and methods rather than results. This is desired because methods are under the control of the researcher, whereas results are not. Unfortunately, careers in academia are largely determined by one's publication record and publishing in high-ranked journals is often based on the results of a study rather than on its experimental design.

ZPID promotes preregistration by offering a domain-specific repository for study proposals and a free-of-charge data collection for high-quality preregistrations in the field of psychology.

PsychLab online

the online research panel for conducting experiments and surveys

PsychLab offline

our laboratory facility located in Trier (Germany) for conducting experiments and other types of research assisted by eye tracking technology