Our products and services for your scientific work

Our services are aimed at scientists active in research or teaching in psychology, including junior scientists. In addition, our services are directed to practitioners, students of psychology and related disciplines, as well as the interested public (including the media and politics). Our international services are oriented towards an ideal research cycle that encompasses a total of seven related phases. They are intended to cover needs of users that usually exist in these different phases.

Study planning, Data collection & Data analysis

PreReg in Psychology (PRP)

serving as a submission portal for study proposals.

PsychLab online

the online research panel for conducting experiments and surveys.

PsychLab offline

our laboratory facility located in Trier (Germany) for conducting experiments, personal interviews, and other types of research assisted by eye tracking technology.

Archiving and Publication

Research Data Center at ZPID

a data-sharing platform for psychology research.


an open access document server for psychology.


an automated assistant for data management.

PsychOpen GOLD

supports the primary publication of scientific works according to the Gold Open Access principle.


a preprint publication forum where scientists can upload their manuscripts which are scheduled for publication.

PsychOpen GREEN

supports secondary publication of already published works after a statutory embargo period (Green Open Access).

PsychOpen CAMA

a community augmented meta-analysis platform.