Mechanisms of Panel Conditioning in Longitudinal Studies: Reflection, Satisficing, and Social Desirability (PaCo)

A Joint Research Project by GESIS, ZPID, and Utrecht University


The documentation comprises the project’s study description with a detailed methods report, the questionnaires of each survey wave along with the codebook that describes the existing variables in the data set as well as the field reports of the non-probability panel, and other additional documents such as a cheatsheet and a separate paradata documentation. The documentation will be available soon and can be accessed under the respective links below.

  • Study Description & Methods Report (incl. DFG Proposal): [to be announced]
  • Wave Reports & Data Processing: [to be announced]
  • Cheatsheet: [to be announced]
  • Questionnaires: [to be announced]
  • Codebook: [to be announced]
  • Additional Documents: [to be announced]